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riding around Jinji Lake #suzhou #jinjilake

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For my teacher friends.

Any tips for classes that will not talk?

I teach at a Japanese school here in my city Tuesdays~Fridays, grades 1~9. The elementary school kids as well as my 7th and 9th graders are all really, really awesome and actively participate in class. But my 8th graders just will. Not. Talk.

The English level in my middle school classes is good enough that when I explain myself clearly and thoroughly, they have no problem understanding what I teach. They get excited and show enthusiasm when we do activities and play games in class, however, the 8th graders just sit there and stare at me. No answering questions. No laughing when I make (corny) jokes. They don’t even talk to each other in Japanese. It’s just dead silent in the classroom, all the time.

I have a book to teach from (which, honestly, I don’t really like, because it’s English-only with no explanations of grammar patterns in their native language, which I think would be really helpful for the stage their English is at! Especially since I don’t have a TA to translate for me), and I was told to start teaching from a certain chapter (comparatives and superlatives). When I taught this lesson, I was really, really thorough in explaining how to form comparatives and superlatives correctly, and most seemed to grasp it when we did an activity using them (but they seemed to have forgotten everything when we reviewed today. Sigh ㅠ). Even so, they were silent during the game, and after the lesson, the head English teacher who told me to start at that chapter said that that grammar pattern was too difficult for them.

What do you want me to teach then??????? And you’re telling me to use the book only as a guide for what I should be teaching, but when I ask if I should stray from the book and teach easier things, you tell me that I must teach what is in the book??????????????????????

My friend, another English teacher who is also teaching at the same school, says he is also having the same issue with his 8th grade class. The Chinese language teachers there also say the same thing. I’m not sure what happens between 7th and 9th year that makes this grade so quiet!

Does anyone have any tips? Advice to get them talking and open up?Like I said, it’s only the 8th grades I’m having these issues with :<

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Anonymous: hey i'm the university in georgia girl! thank you for the advice! the problem is that i can only do a dual degree with that university ahahah that's a pity, i'll look a bit more into it, but if it's not a good university i think i will save my money or go to a country here in europe ahah thank you again!


Well, I got an anon message today that says:

"For the anon that asked about GSU it’s not a "bad" university at all. It’s a different group of people vs uga. There are actually more opportunities to work when you attend gsu because it’s located in atlanta. You never know the connections you’ll make it’s located near cnn, Deloitte etc."

So I guess take both opinions with a grain of salt, and do what you think is best for you! Good luck~~^^

To the GSU anon: I actually went to GSU for my undergrad and I really enjoyed my time there! It doesn’t rank as high as UGA, but it’s not a bad school by any means. I majored in Applied Linguistics and my program was amazing with really, really awesome professors that taught me so much. Just like with any school, look into the individual departments as well as the school as a whole. If you think the dual degree program that you’re being offered will help to further your career (more so than just graduating with a normal degree) I would definitely consider going along with that option!

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it’s too early for this. #china #suzhou #fireworks #why

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meow #nailart

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so there’s a cat cafe down the street from where I work 😻😻😻 #平江路 #苏州

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👍👍👍 #dostacos #도스타코스 #강남 #먹스터그램 (at Dos Tacos)

중국에가기싫어😢 #이태원 #먹스터그램 #benscookies (at Manoffin Iteawon)

파티타임 #홍대 #vera (at 홍대 클럽 베라)

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