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can someone please tell me where I can get one of those shirts with the city names with a hangul character on them? i need to one before i leave D:

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I think there is a pretty large CD place in Coex?
there used to be one in coex not sure of it is still there

last i checked, coex (or a very large part of it) was closed down :( which sucks because i remember evan records being huge D:

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large CD store in seoul?

anyone know a store in seoul that has a large selection of CDs? i’ve tried the hottracks at 교보타워 but they didn’t have a great selection of maroon 5 CDs lol (only like 3 and none of them were their latest one). unfortunately i need it by saturday so online isn’t an option :<

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Anonymous: How was the eyelash perm & where did you get it? Thinking about doing the same :)

honestly i was just at a jjimjilbang and i saw that they offered it so i just went ahead and did it there haha. it turned out really well though and it saves me so much hassle in the mornings and it’s no where near as much of a pita as my extensions were! it only cost me 15,000KRW and it still looks great even almost a month later~ A+ would recommend

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best decisions ive made so far in life

  1. getting my eyelashes permed and
  2. getting my bangs permed
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jyj 콘서트 굿즈 #jyj #thereturnoftheking

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our masterpieces #파주 #헤이리예슬마을 #thestep (at 헤이리가는길)