Visa woes.


Applying for a Chinese visa has been. The. Biggest. Pain. 


I had been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for weeks, trying to figure out what forms I needed to submit, and also which visa would be best suited for what I’m trying to do. I finally decided on a six month multiply entry F (business) visa, which says it’s for internships and cultural exchanges (which is what I will be doing). 

I went to the visa office this past Friday to turn in my stuff, but they kept giving me mixed information about what forms I needed to submit with my application. After about half an hour of talking, I thought everything was going well, until right before I left the office, I decided to double check and ask if they were sure I didn’t need proof of my ticket out of China to get the visa.

They told me I did.


Seriously, I had been sitting there for over thirty minutes, talking with them and showing them my paperwork. They should have seen that I didn’t have a ticket out of the country. Then, they kept saying I was applying for a tourist visa, even though I clearly marked the “business visa” box on the application and showed proof that I would be doing PAID internship (which is important, ‘cause it’s illegal to work on a tourist visa).

Eventually, they said they will try to get me a business visa with the forms I did have, and they will call me if they have any problems. Hopefully they keep their word.

I’m already cutting it really close to the date I’m leaving. I’m not expecting to get my visa back until the 25th of April, and I don’t even know what I’m going to do if my application gets denied :(

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I don’t want to hear the dog ate your homework. 

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Just checked my e-mail and saw that I got one of the internships I applied for in China! There’s still another one that I’m hoping to get, but omg I was stressing SO MUCH about that. I’m just glad to get this one off of my shoulders.

At least something went right this week ( ̄。 ̄)

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he got a better deal tbh

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Ticket acquired!

Got my one-way ticket to Shanghai! Unfortunately I’ll be arriving a day before my group, but I found a hostel that’s pretty close to PVG so I can just spend the night there and then head back to the airport to take the bus to SHU with the other students.

Also looked into my budget and I’m now about 99% sure I will have enough to take a short trip to Korea before heading back home/to China (hopefully the latter if i can secure my internship and visa pls).


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if i had to eat only dates for the rest of my life i would be 300% okay with that.

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» [MV] Lee Michelle(이미쉘) _ Without you(위드아웃 유) - YouTube


wow, well this music video made me cry. i’ve always been a huge fan of lee michelle, she’s the whole reason i followed the entire first season of k-pop star. not only an amazing singer, she tackles so many complex social issues in this deceptively simple music video. and the young actor in this video is also amazing.

this was awesome! i’m so glad to see her release something!

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